Hostway Viagens

Since 2002, Hostway Viagens has been focused on its basic objectives to manage corporate travel. During these eleven years, our main mission has been to institute the corporate travel management in the “Middle Market” companies, generating financial and quality benefits to our clients, and at the same time offering the same services and technologies of the great “players”.
The result was an average yearly growth of 30% in our operations, client fidelization through a high quality service offer and the strengthening of our name in the Travel Management Consulting “TMC” market. The factors that most contributed to this result were the development of a capable and committed with results team, high investments in technology and sustained growth.
Today Hostway Viagens has nearly 70 collaborators, a head-office with technology and redundancies to work 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and presence in the corporate, events and leisure fields.